Thank You Oak Leaves

Sunday, 30 March 2008 | Category : Editorials

I would like to personally thank the Oak Leaves for featuring the VMA organization and all of its accomplishments over the years. I am continually humbled to lead the only ongoing organization in the history of our community that has provided outstanding leadership for the important decisions that have come from our Village Government.

The feature article did have some inaccuracies, however, which I’d like to clarify. One important point to make clear is that the VMA does not develop a political platform. Rather, the VMA selects and endorses candidates, who then develop a platform of their choosing as they compete to represent the Village as a Trustee. The VMA as an organization is governed based on its Guiding Principles of Accountable and Responsive Government, Ongoing and Inclusive Diversity, and Balanced and Sensitive Economic Growth.

I would also like to call attention to the fact that our selection process is a very open one, and all can apply – all we ask is membership in our organization and agreement to our Guiding Principals. I invite you to go to our website at for more information on the Guiding Principles and our selection process, or for membership opportunities. The desire by VMA members to make Oak Park a great place to live is our sole motivation, and we welcome all who share that vision to join us!